Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fucked my Maid Servant

I am kesavan from kerala kottayam ,we 5 members mother two sisters father,who in gulf ,once on two years will come.mum is a teacher working in a govt school.I was 19 at the time we had a servant age 45 , she is my distend relative .she will call my mum as sister, her husband left her and married another woman,she had a 12 year girl,she is studying in a orphanage.

once in year two times she will come and stay in our home ,mother arrange a portion for her to stay . we use to call her aunt,my one sister married other sister 22 studying in the hostel ,she always accompany me. One day a call from the orphanage that her daughter was ill,Mum sent me and the aunt to the place ,5 hours travel,we reach there in the night we saw her she is fine , the hostel warden told us to in the morning ,warden arrange one room and left,in that room only one coat me and the servant aunty slept .she had a good body and her boobs are big like watermelon we two have one blanket.In night she asked me are you offered to stay here I sad no,she asked me you had any girl friend I sad no, do like girls. sad yes.and like press her breasts.

she laughed ,I asked where in your husband she is now some other woman. do you like some one press your breasts, I dont some one to press my breast,do you want press,yes, can I hold ,yes. I turn and put my hand on her breasts,she told press hard ,she open her blouse and to squeeze, she turn left and told to suck her boooobs .she open my pant and take my rod out and pull down the for skin ,she did again and again it was 90 degree, dont tell your mum,she put her right leg above me to other side.pull her sarry up hold my loud and rub her wet and her both her knees are my left and right side,she sat on my loud and hold and insert in to her pussy.

she start moving up and down. ofter some time she laid on her back and told me to sat on her putting my knees both of her side she told me to penetrate in to her pussy ,I could not,then she told me to sat in between her thigh,I she also sat in ftont of me hold my rod and push in to her pussy and she laid on her back,now I on her top my rod in to her pussy ,told me to pump I pumped ,UP AND DOWN.SHE hold my butts and press down,her big butt is moving front and back,her big boobs shaking like balloons. Some fluid came out of my rod ,she holding me and told lay on her .

Then she call me to come to bath room clean my rod and she also clean her pussy.again we laid on the bed I start suck her boobs one by one .then I asked her can I touch your pussy, she lift her sarry and told to rub her pussy ,I rubbed it was full of hair,I asked her why dont you shave your pussy,she asked me how you know want shave the pussy,I told one mum was sleeping her sarry was up I saw it was shaved like my face,did you saw your mums pussy,yes so many times,then she told to fuck again ,the second time also I did fucking ,we fucked 3 the dark. next day we reached home my mun went to school, I went her room and she was doing some work,I asked before mum come can we do one more time,she agreed .

she closed the door I was standing she sat on the floor move my lungi and start suck my rod ,she did fast ,later I ejaculate my semen in to her mouth,she went bath room and cleaned ,then she laid on the floor I moved her sarry up and start fucking,I did a long time , Then she went for cooking. In the evening mum came , asked how about your daughter , she told she matured, I asked my mum what is that she you are a small boy,tell you later. then I started to sleep with the servant aunty.

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